Positive Speakers was created to give people living with HIV or AIDS a voice, therefore challenging perceptions about who can and cannot become infected, and to reduce the distance between those with and without the virus.

Since early in the epidemic, positive people have spoken out about living with HIV. The primary aim of publicly disclosing is not to give factual information, but to share the reality of living with HIV.

The vast majority of positive speakers find that speaking out and giving a face to HIV is an extremely rewarding experience. Most say that the benefits, including increased self esteem and the relief of lifting the burden of secrecy, outweigh any negative consequences.

The training is a four day residential training workshop facilitated by people living with HIV and who are PSB speakers themselves.

We hold training workshops twice a year; please contact us to find out more information.


“Being a positive women and becoming a member of the “Positive Speaker Bureau” has given me back a few things I thought I had lost – confidence in myself, dignity, and a sense of pride. It has also given me the courage to stand up and speak out in public about the things I’ve become passionate about. It has taught me that in order to help others understand HIV and what it’s like to live with HIV we must be prepared to speak freely of our own journeys…and speaking about my personal story has taken me to place’s I never thought I would visit. I’ve met some wonderful people along the way, and the whole journey has been a positive one.

The “Positive Speakers Bureau” is a great place to start your own personal journey.”

Jan Waddell, Positive Speaker since 2008