The New Zealand Positive Speakers Bureau provides a unique and powerful resource for educators and audiences across all sectors, in raising awareness to prevent the future spread of HIV and to reduce HIV related stigma and discrimination.

The Positive Speaker Bureau also provides the opportunity for people living with HIV to tell their stories and answer questions. Hearing stories in this way is incredibly powerful for both the speaker and the audience.

Contracting HIV can happen to anyone and knowledge is a means of prevention.

Speakers help to

  • Promote public health and awareness
  • Improve attitudes and decrease discrimination throughout communities
  • Increase understanding of living with HIV and clarifies misconceptions
  • Provide an interactive face of HIV
  • Empowers people of all ages to feel ‘that it is okay’ to talk about HIV
  • Enables GP’s, nurses, police, health workers, teachers and students…everyone…to get the real picture about people living with HIV

This is a free service.

The Positive Speakers Bureau (PSB) is operated under the National Collective of People living with HIV.

The Collective is made up of INA (Maori, Indigenous & South Pacific) HIV AIDS Foundation, Body Positive and Positive Women Inc.

The logo for the Positive Speakers Bureau is based on the HIV red ribbon device, which has been stylised into the letter P; it also represents a cross/plus sign for HIV+